Meet Our Team

Fund Leadership

Chris Sellers

Experienced operator in each beverage supply chain tier. Corporate experience and independent brand owner. Investor & Advisor to multiple beverage companies.

Greg Light, CFA, ASA

Economics/Accounting. CFO/Manager
Business Valuation, optimization, and succession planning expert. Small business owner. Founder & Managing Director at his valuation firm.

John Giarrante

CSO/General Partner
Innovation, marketing & brand management expert. Founder & incubator of multiple brands. Founder & CEO of MO statewide beverage distribution company.

Fund Leadership

David BuShea

Council Chair
Experienced operator in restaurant and retail operations. Brewery Owner. Real Estate and Construction.

Greg Fox

Council Leader
Semi-retired serial entrepreneur. Current owner of diverse entities in energy, beverage, cannabis, medicinal herbs, and real estate.

Dana Ste. Claire, M.A., RPA

CSO/General Partner
Heritage & Cultural Tourism Specialist. National Museum Designer & Developer. Professional Archaeologist.

Wendy Coya

Financial & Fund Management Advisementr
Extensive financial experience, including corp dev & successful exit. Advises finance, audit, IR and Reporting.